News organisations sue Abeldane intelligence agency

Two micronational news agencies have sued the Reichsnachrichtendienst, the intelligence agency of the Empire of Abelden. 

ABELDEN – Two micronational news agencies have sued the Director of the Reichsnachrichtendienst, the intelligence agency of the Empire of Abelden.

Amerston Post Media (APM), Anthony Clark’s company which produces the Amerston Post, and Messenger Holdings, owned by former GUM chair Henry Clémens and which publishes The Messenger, have accused the agency, also known as the Renadi, of violating freedom of information statute and of acting unconstitutionally.

The original complaint (external link), filed with the Abeldane Federal Information Tribunal by Clark for APM, alleges that a freedom of information request he filed with the agency was in part blocked for no lawful reason. He set out to find out whether, among other things, the Renadi keep any logs of private communications where at least one party to that communication is unaware they are being surveilled – and the agency claimed privilege and refused to provide the information.

His suit was later joined by Messenger Holdings, who argue that the lack of oversight over the Renadi by the elected government – informed as they were by the Vorsitzender, the Abeldane head of government, that the agency answered directly to the Emperor – is unconstitutional, as it prevents the government from enforcing the constitutional right to privacy over the Renadi’s activities.

Chief Justice Thomas Bainbridge approved the joining of the two suits earlier today, and a hearing is expected in the coming days.

We are in the process of making contact with the federal government and the Renadi for their response.

The case continues.

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