The GCP Accords of Suzuki Leocor’s organisation, the Grand Community Project, a plan to reunify the MicroWiki and MicroWikia spheres of the online micronationalist community, were deferred yet again as the Grand Unified Micronational’s Quorum of Delegates again failed to maintain a sufficient number of delegations to transact business.

Following the opening membership deliberations, the delegation of the Aarianian Union departed, meaning the number of delegations fell to four – under the five delegation minimum required by GUM procedure to conduct substantive business.

This marks the second time a lack of membership has prevented the organisation from considering the Accords, though Amissopian delegate Horatio Eden publicly commented to the Daily Micronational that his delegation proposed to defer the issue themselves during the quorum session, noting the absence of Ms. Leocor and of Austenasian Emperor Jonathan Austen, a proponent of her proposal.

The level of support for the Accords has ebbed and flowed within the organisation; sources close to the GUM say it is unclear whether the Quorum is as unified in its support of the plan than original reports suggested, and if the GUM cannot unify behind a proposal to deal with the issue soon, they may not do so at all, as it is additionally unclear how long a pro-unification administration will be in power in the MicroWikia sphere – following the Austenasian Emperor’s intervention, Ms. Leocor and Karl Friedrich have been appointed as administrators of the MicroWikia site.

The membership deliberations themselves dealt with a number of changes in the organisation’s makeup – the nation of New Providence, headed by Ms. Leocor, and the Tsardom of Nolland, headed by Tsar Thomas I, were both approved for provisional membership, while the Kingdom of Sycamore was rejected, reportedly because of their violation of the Wrythe Convention by claiming a citizenry size that was in excess of credibility.

The Quorum of Delegates of the Grand Unified Micronational will attempt to reconvene on the 14th of October, 2018, to conclude the organisation’s business for the month of October.

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