Executor-Viceroy Horatio Eden appointed First Minister of Mercia

MERCIA – Horatio Eden has been appointed First Minister of the previously believed defunct nation of Mercia.

Eden, who also serves as Governor-General of the Eloc Empire, takes on the role amidst plans for a massive shake-up in the legislative spine of the country.

He has submitted a new bill, the 2020 Mercian Legislation (Amendments) and Connected Purposes Bill, which overhauls the Partisan Democracy Act, formerly the bedrock of the democratic and legislative process in Mercia.

Fundamentally, however, electoral life in Mercia is unlikely to change: the ministries have a new coat of paint and a new election will be taking place within the next two months, but electoral rules are not changed significantly and the actual makeup of Parliament is not new.

This is a developing story. More details to follow.

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