Aenderia Decides 2018: Presydential election cancelled amid secession

Former Democratic Aenderian presydential candidate Russell Gilzem has seceded from the Republic of Aenderia and formed the new nation of Auvenum, prompting the cancellation of the Aenderian presydential election and the formation of a new Aenderian government.

Former Democratic Aenderian presydential candidate Russell Gilzem has seceded from the Republic of Aenderia and formed the new nation of Auvenum, a Russian constitutional monarchy with his former running mate, Maximilian von Schröder, in light of his apparently inevitable defeat at the hands of Presydent Horatio Eden in the then-upcoming Aenderian presydential election.

Now Aenderian Presydent Horatio Eden has re-established the Aenderian government outside of its original territory and declared himself Presydent, enacting a new Constitution, his Fair Aenderia Plan on which he originally campaigned. The presydential election has been cancelled by order of the new government, and a legislature has been established – composed largely of the same membership of the original.

Gilzem’s new government in Auvenum has apparently expressed interest in burying the hatchet with the Eden administration, making reference to potential future relations between Auvenum and Aenderia. The Eden administration, however, was allegedly dismissive; when the new Auvenumian government referred to the split as a “divorce”, Eden’s rejoinder was to remark that it was not a divorce, as “you and I are not on the same level”.

The Aenderian Presydent’s office confirms that the case against him on the original sedition charges is being allowed to proceed. Joshua Mullins, Attorney General, has until next Tuesday to comply with the court’s original order to provide its evidence and witness lists. Both of Eden’s attempts to dispel the charges were met with dismissal from the Aenderian Chief Justice, who continues to be Anthony Clark.

A subsequent proposal, to regulate secession in Aenderia, is currently being considered by the legislature of the nation, the Aenderian Lawmaker’s Council. Speaker of the House Jayden Lycon has yet to join the new legislature, so Presydent Eden has been presiding in his absence.

The next tranche of presydential and legislative elections, under the new constitution and with the current elections formally cancelled, will take place on the 6th of April, 2019, six months following the establishment of the new government. Whether or not Aenderia will last until then is anyone’s guess; the new Republic has haemorrhaged around twenty of its original membership.

The Eden administration has withdrawn the nation from its international obligations, including to the Micronational Olympic Federation. Russell Gilzem has announced interest in potentially running in the future Aenderian presydential election in April, reportedly remarking that the “battle is still not over for Aenderian presydent”.

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