Konmalehth established by Abelden, Transterra, others

An international coalition including Abelden and Transterra have established the Konmalehth, an international political and economic organisation.

The Konmalehth, an international political and economic organisation, was founded yesterday following the ratification of the Konmalehth Articles (Google Drive) by an international coalition of micronations, including the Abeldane Empire, the Federated States of Transterra, the High Kingdom of Pacem, and the Kingdom of Jupiter, among others.

The newly formed Soviet Socialist Republics of Aarbaro of Artemis Langford are apparently soon to sign the articles as well, according to a statement made by Abeldane Vorsitzender Stephen Freayth.

According to the preamble of the articles, the Konmalehth is “a council which brings together in order to promote financial and military aid, expanding diplomatic relations between member states, advancing cultural and scientific endeavors, expanding on micronational economics, and expanding a serious political environment.” Since deliberations were undertaken in private by micronational governments, it is unclear which micronation spearheaded the plan, though it is possible the new Abeldane Prosperity Institute, a group advocating for the expansion of an economy within the Abeldane Empire, is involved.

The newly formed nation shares a name with the Konmalehth Libraries, an organisation founded within Abelden to house the Abeldane government’s wiki pages which are currently hosted on the MicroWiki website; it is unclear what the connection is or whether the Libraries are, in fact, a plan to share information between the various micronations of the organisation.

The Federated States of Transterra today also ratified the charter of the Micronational Statistics Bureau, bringing the Bureau’s membership to a total of six with the addition of the Republic of NZRE.

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