Abelden Rebooted: new constitution, new code of laws adopted

The Empire of Abelden has begun attempting to reassert itself as a micronation in the international community following months of inactivity.

The Empire of Abelden has begun attempting to reassert itself as a micronation in the international community following months of inactivity.

Former emperor and current Vorsitzender Stephen Freayth, in co-operation with incumbent Emperor Newton von Uberquie and foremost micronational legal mind and federal king of Morgannwyg Anthony Clark, set about overhauling the Abeldane Constitution and establishing an entire new code of laws for the Abeldane Empire, both of which were adopted by Emperor Newton’s imperial decree of the 11th of September, 2018.

All citizens were stripped of citizenship and required to fill in a government form to reassert it. As of press time, there are twenty-eight Abeldane citizens, according to figures from Abelden’s new Discord server, which is serving as their new base of operations as the micronational Skype community begins to disintegrate.

Analysis by Horatio Eden, Abeldane correspondent and editor-in-chief

This is a not totally unexpected development; though a lot of the community were growing to accept the inevitability of Abelden’s final decline into total inactivity following the empty administrations of Alejandro Whyatt and later, former Emperor Stephen Freayth, there was a sufficient critical mass of citizens unwilling to see Abelden, a nation that was once one of the most culturally and socially powerful micronations in the community, fall into the darkness that has swallowed so many other projects.

Anthony Clark’s code of Abeldane laws is a monumental undertaking on his part. It is an impressive compendium of legislation, and demonstrates his keen legal mind and scope of political imagination. It does, however, leave a single rather urgent problem that any new Abeldane administration will need to contend with: what does it leave the Reichsversammlung to do?

{For those readers who are just joining us, the Reichsversammlung is the legislative branch of the Abeldane government.)

Mr. Clark’s work is long, complicated and, most importantly, comprehensive. For a nation that operates entirely online, and given a lack of changeable cultural or political factors, the sheer length of the new Abeldane code may make it difficult for any new Abeldane government to find issues or policies to legislate on.

That’s unlikely to stop Mike Brazeau from trying, though.

Currently, government plans are unclear.

Anthony Clark was appointed head of the Supreme Court of the Abeldane Empire and, recently, Jessika Ross, formerly the head of the Reichswahlkommission, the Abeldane electoral commission, was made an Associate Justice thereof. Beyond this appointment, however, it is unclear what the next step is.

Elections are the likely next port of call for Abelden, though neither the Emperor nor the Vorsitzender’s office has commented publicly on that matter so far. It is presently unclear what the partisan situation in Abelden is, likewise what direction the government intends to take the nation, if indeed it intends to take it in any direction at all.

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